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Have you ever thought that financial losses of Android developers, small and huge ones, are estimated in billions of dollars? Creating a great content and making it wide public sometimes is not enough to make the product profitable. What are those developers and publishers are missing?

Here is some interesting info: According to Arxan Technologies, over 90% of iOS apps from “Top 100 paid apps” rating were hacked, meanwhile on Android there were 100% of hacked apps. Free apps were also affected: for iOS there were 40% of hacked apps, for Android – 80%.

As you can see, hackers don’t really have any specific preferences and hack all kinds of apps: games, books and business utilities.

That’s why the main goal of all developers should be not only making a great app, but having the ability to protect it from being stolen.

Here are some additional researches about the issue:

F-secure: Q3 2012 Mobile Threat Report

According to F-secure: the company discovered over 51000 kinds of malware software for Android. In Google Play they discovered only 146 viruses out of 28398 malware samples.

Appinventiv: Android vs iOS: Which Platform is More Secure in (2018) According to the latest Appinventiv data, things got better, but insignificantly. That’s why the problem of hacked and stolen software always was and won’t go anywhere in the nearest future.

Appinventiv also confirms, that Android apps are being hacked in every vertical,  no app category can be considered to be more safe than the other:

Addvertize is aimed at solving all those protection and monetization issues for Android developers.

Problems and solutions

Thousands of publishers get nothing

We believe that mobile monetization is evolving slowly. The only real solution for most of publishers is in-app ads. And even this solution has a lot of ifs and buts – one major corporation dictates the rules how to do ads and when. Of course, they have the right to do it, but it doesn’t make the life of publishers easier, right? Only very few AAA players get something decent from advertising.

Excessive ads kill app store ratings

Ad revenues are highly dependent on app usage time and user retention. The more users utilize an app-the more ads appear, the more irritated users get and, finally, the lower rating they give in Google Play, dragging an app down the charts and killing all the traffic. Vicious circle! According to, only official 3rd party app stores generate 50% of total revenue!

Plus, hundreds of unofficial sources. Why not to monetize them better?

Ad formats are not progressing

Right now we are left with Interstitials, Videos and Banners, only in very specific places, and the list of those places gets shorter and shorter. Yes, Native ads is something relatively new, but it needs a skillful customization for each separate app. So, what next? Some super-new life-saving ad format or revolutionary monetization strategy?

Apps get stolen

Many of apps and games on the market are actually masterpieces and deserve their place in the history and their developers – a reward. But, unfortunately, researches show that 80-90% of those apps get stolen, hacked, cracked, injected with 3rd party ads, crypto miners, malware, adware and who knows what else. This is a huge problem. Obfuscation tools might be a solution, but they are pricy and complicated.

We might make things a bit better

To keep this wobbly balance between tolerable user experience and decent ad revenues for publishers, we invented a smart trigger-based system, which serves additional ads without compromising app rating on Google Play and abusing users. Moreover, it protects apps from injections and other nasty things, as well as prevents its own SDK from being removed, granting a significant additional traffic and money income. Basically, it’s an advertising swiss army knife and bulletproof vest from any external factors.

Addvertize is quite unique in many ways and doesn’t have any alternatives on the market, and here is why:

– Full Google Play compliance, only legit high-CPM ads
– SDK integration in just one click. The process takes 1-2 minutes
– Fullscreen tailor-made trigger-based ads
– Additional automatic monetization of 3rd party (non-Google Play) sources
– APK protection from injections or any other interference: your app will be safe from adware, malware, trojans, miners e.t.c.
– Non-removable SDK, which is technically almost impossible to remove – which means, that your app will be generating additional traffic and revenue no matter where your app is downloaded from

● Hence the name, additional monetization is our focus – no need in changing your monetizing strategy. Generate additional advertising revenue stream only when, where and how you want it. You don’t even need anything but your APK file to get started – as simple as it is.

● However, main monetization is also what we can easily handle. Our ad patterns and revenue level don’t differ much from any another ad solution, e.g. if you were using some other mediation network. We cooperate with the best performing ad networks on the market, so you can be sure, that you will get the best of it, even if you focus on our ad solution as a main monetization tool

● Non-removable SDK guarantees that your ads won’t be replaced or removed, which means that you will be getting your revenue no matter what happens

● APK protection from any interference or modification. You can be sure that no one will inject their adware/malware/miners/etc. modules.

● One SDK and APK for all traffic sources. With our help you won’t be losing traffic anymore and you will be able to monetize 100% of your traffic both from Google Play and any other sources.

● Remote control over ads. Another part of our system – you don’t have to upload your apps again and again in order to change your ads pattern. Everything is controlled remotely in just one click.

Our Trigger-based ad formats

Addvertize offers several trigger-based ad formats. Each of those formats can be easily customized in terms of total numbers of daily impressions and impressions interval:

ADS ON STARTUP – ad impression which is triggered when an app starts;

ADS FOR RETURNING USERS – ad impression which is shown when a user returns back to an app from “recent apps” tab;

ADS ON “BACK” BUTTON – ad impression when a user hits a hardware “back” button;

ADS ON TIMER – ad impression on any set time period;

ADS ON UNLOCK – ad impression when a user unlocks a device, being in an app;

You can also check those formats in video here

TUTORIAL: Adding new app, ads set up and SDK integration

Since we are using trigger-based ads, there is no need to customize apps manually-e.g. between game levels, that’s why SDK integration in Addvertize happens in one click. Normally the integration process itself takes around 1-2 minutes. That’s not to say about a sophisticated app protection and SDK non-removal features, which would be simply technically impossible for many developers, even if they wanted to implement them manually.

Application name – here you should set an app name, which would be also passed to our ad partners;
Application URL – normally here should be a Google Play URL or some alternative appstore URL. In case your app is not published yet, please leave this field empty;
Version Code – APK version;
Version Name – APK version name

Then you should hit «Add» button, choose your APK file, wait for the file to be uploaded and then hit «Next» button.

In this section you should customize your ads behavior:

What we do next:

In the first tab we pick days, hours, minutes and seconds of the first ad impression (don’t forget that everything can be changed remotely);
Then we pick show/don’t show ads for Google Play installs, which are detected automatically by our system;

The rest is pretty easy, too:

With sliders on the left side you set the frequency of ad impressions, sliders on the right – overall daily limits of impressions.

Show ads on every 1 app start – Show ads every time an app starts
Show ads on every 1 unlock – Show ads every time a device unlocks, if an app stays in the foreground
Show ads on every 1 back button press – Show ads on every hardware “back” button press
Show ads every 2 minutes – Show ads every 2 minutes of the app usage

The frequency of each parameter can be changed anytime (and also remotely). Then you hit the “Next” button and go to the part where you add your keystore to your APK file. You can skip this step, in that case we will generate our keystore automatically.

IMPORTANT: We securely encrypt your keystores with SHA standard and your keystore passwords are discarded right after the integration process is complete.
Don’t forget that if you are very much concerned about giving away your keystores to 3rd parties, you can sign your app with our random key, just leaving the keystore field empty, and then re-sign it locally with your own key.

Finally, you hit “Integrate” button and the process starts. Normally it takes 1-2 minutes.

When the integration is done, your app gets “Built” status and you can download it hitting Action button, which looks like blue cloud.

Important information:

● The name of the APK file should be in English;
● No special characters allowed;
● Version code should be whole number

If you keep all those rules, the integration shouldn’t be an issue.


We developed a lightning fast convenient reporting system with several filters, that allow you to analyze any aspect of your traffic:

By date: Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month or any custom set interval;
By geos: Lets you check you geo vertical by each country;
By apps: Here you can track the performance by each of your apps;
Grouping: Statistics grouping by date, country or app;

In the reporting you can see:

Date: Any chosen date interval
GP Installs: Google Play installs quantity
Non-GP Installs: Non-Google Play installs quantity
Hack Installs: Hack installs quantity
DAU: Daily active users number
Impressions: Number of impressions for the chosen day
СPM: The price for the 1.000 served impressions (depends on GEO)
Revenue: Your revenue for the chosen date

Working with Addvertize

Addvertize is complex solution targeted mainly for Google Play app developers and publishers, but also for 3rd party appstore publishers, traffic brokerage professionals and other specialists from various mobile niches and verticals. What is rather typical is that at some point Android app developer moves outside Google Play app store. And often that happens against developer’s will.

Unfair copying, hacking, cracking, injecting all kinds of malware or simply removing developers’ legit ads – all this leads to severe traffic loss. But now, with Addvertize, you can be sure that your app is totally secure and that 100% of the traffic will be counted on you and monetized properly and legally.

Summarizing everything said: we hope that this small tutorial and project description helped you to understand it better and that now you have a clear picture when and how the project can be useful for you specifically. Sign up and check everything yourself.

We are sure that you will be surprised with the numbers of additional installs and traffic that otherwise would have been stolen by some malevolent characters.

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