Case Study #1

Category: Top 150 Utility Free App

Monetization Strategy: Non-Google Play Installs Only

This our first case study kindly provided by our new good partner, however without particular names, as desired.

As you can see on the screenshot, the main focus of the app monetization is on the 3rd party installs, as it is initially designed by the system. However, we should notice that it is easily possible to monetize Google Play installs as well with our solution.

The reporting shows that around 30% of the traffic is coming from 3rd party channels (not Google Play), which is pretty much. However, considering that the app belongs to “useful” utilities, this is understandable. Soon we will add some more detailed reporting for such kind of installs.

Hack installs tab: we can see here that there are occasional, but regular attempts to (probably) inject 3rd party ads or out of app ads SDK, but without any luck. This is also a typical picture for such app vertical. As you know, all app verticals are being hacked, however our own observations show that utility apps are more prone to be abused with 3rd party adware/malware modules. Simply because such kind of apps stay on users’ devices longer than, for example, casual games. It is important to highlight that those “1-2” hack installs do not mean 1-2 “stolen” installs. They mean, that, in case of success, there would be significantly more hack installs, if some indecent individuals started sending large volumes of traffic to such a hacked app.

Also, you can see that the publisher has chosen rather aggressive ads behavior – around 5 or 6 impressions per active user daily. That makes sense for 3rd party traffic (for example, apk portals, Google Play aggregators and any other source which does not have an app rating). However, for more legitimate 3rd party stores like Amazon, GetJar and others we would advise you to use some more gentle approach in monetization.

That’s basically, it. We hope that you enjoyed the reading and that we made things loud and simple about how the system works. Please ping us if you have some questions about the material.

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